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Tools of the trade...

     My main mandolin is a Northfield Master Model (#70) which I have owned for around 10 years or so.  It's a great mandolin and has a tone that I just love.  Can't ever see myself letting this one get away.  I recently acquired a 2012 Northfield Big Mon (#179) Mandolin as well and it's a HOSS!!  Along with the Northfields, I have a 2004 Bob Shue F5 mandolin I use from time to time that is a great instrument in it's own wright.  I endorse Curt Mangan Strings and use a Custom Signature set on mandolin that are phosphor bronze with 11.5, 16, 26, and 40 gauges.  I've always liked the heaver E and A strings for the "pop" and cut you can get out of them.  Mixing these heavier E and A strings with the "normal" D and G courses seems to provide the right balance and give me more cutting power along with a really nice chop.   My Northfield mandolin is equipped with a K&K Twin pickup system which works wonderfully with the RedEye preamp but now days I'm primarily using  a Sure KSM 137 condenser microphone.  The Fire Eye is a wonderful preamp built by Darren Applet in Texas and it gives a very natural sound with acoustic instruments.  It sounds equally great on mandolin, guitar, and fiddle and it's straight forward simplistic design is easy to manage... not to mention they are built like tanks!  I use Harrison straps on my mandolins and guitars.  I also use the SR 50 BlueChip pics in either a round bevel or left hand bevel and from time to time use the TD50 BlueChips.  Peak Design bags are the best thing I've found to carry my equipment and these are the best bags  organization and ease of use, period.

My guitars include  a 1955 Gibson J50 and a Taylor GS Mini Bass.

Use promo code "WISEMAN20" (all caps) when checking out at www.curtmangan.com, to receive 20% off your entire order of any stings, straps, pics, T-shirts, and more.

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