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Here is my current used stock... I update daily so check back often.  All of these beauties came from a Holiday Inn down on Lexington Blvd. so you know their good for lovin'!!

Current Inventory

Full Size, Slightly Used.  Came from room 224 at the Holiday Inn in Lexington so y'all know this one has seen it all.  Got a lot of miles left on it though.  $23.56

Here is a Queen, has a few stains and the left side slumps a little.  Discounted to $21.45 and as always, "I'll Ship Your Mattress"!

Now here is a King Sized, deluxe set with boxspring from the same Holiday Inn... This one was on the top floor, suite 319...  High-rollers.  Anyway, Both for only $56.70 Delivered!

Huggie Bear does more than just hall around The JackTown Ramblers... It's also the official delivery vehicle of Brett's Used Mattresses

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